The Latin American Open Data Initiative (ILDA) is a project that seeks to understand and promote open data policies and uses in Latin America to further the inclusive development of the region. ILDA is part of the Open Data for Development (OD4D) initiative as the regional node for Latin America.

ILDA promotes basic and applied research on open data policies and uses, as well as assisting governments and civil society in projects related to this field. One of the current projects of ILDA is performing as the Open Contracting Partnership helpdesk that promotes greater transparency in public procurement through the adoption of the open contracting data standard (OCDS). ILDA provides basic support to different actors (government, civil society, private companies) working on this topic while it also develops applied research in this field.

The ILDA OCDS Helpdesk is a remote team, committed to diversity equality in the workplace, offering flexible hours and remote work opportunities. We have weekly check-ins to coordinate the team schedule and offer opportunities to attend conferences and coworkings in the region and internationally.

The ILDA OCDS Helpdesk is currently looking for one data scientist to join the team:

The specifications for the job are the following:

  • Analyze data in different standard formats from multiple Latin American publishers, taking into account data standard adherence and individual implementation
  • Support the publication of good quality and impactful data in the Open Contracting Data Standard formats  
  • Collaborate with publishers to find the most and most impactful use cases for their data
  • Contribute with research to develop data standards and shared codelists
  • Have an impact in open data: make sure transparency is not only an item of a check list but contribute to impactful open data
  • Develop user guides based on the Open Contracting Data Standard
  • Train different stakeholders in the open contracting field


  • Master in Data Science (desired) o data journalism  
  • Economics, Data Journalism, Information Technologies or related background (desired)
  • Knowledge of R and/or python programming language, able to manage Json files and SQL queries to Json files stored in relational databases
  • At least one year experience in database analysis and/open data
  • Experience writing simple and extended reports on complex analyses
  • English proficiency (desired)
  • Relevant related background and experience


  • Able to work in a distributed team and in different time zones
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Able to self-manage time
  • Able to communicate complex concepts in a simple way
  • Empathy and assertive communication

What do we offer?

The ILDA OCDS Helpdesk is a remote team, committed to diversity and equity. We offer flexible schedules and remote work opportunities. We have weekly calls to coordinate the team’s schedule, and we offer opportunities to attend international and regional conferences and meetings.

This position reports to the Technical Lead of the Helpdesk for Latin America and consists of 15-20 hours per week. The salary offer will be made according to the profile and experience.

Are you interested?

Send us your CV, data analysis portfolio and a letter of interest to before September 20, 2018. There will be a technical skills verification interview, after a first selection process. We will review requests in order of arrival.