Ana Sofia Ruiz

Ana Sofia Ruiz

Directora de Operacioneso

Ana Sofia Ruiz

Directora de Operaciones

She has a Degree in Psychology from the University of Costa Rica and a master’s degree in sustainable development from the University of Girona, Spain. He has worked in educational research at the Omar Dengo Foundation, and later at Hivos in projects and programs related to the use of technology for social change and freedom of expression in Latin America.

Prior to joining ILDA, she was the regional manager for the Hivos open contracting program, with special attention in Guatemala and Bolivia. In Hivos he directed a Latin American program for civic experimentation at the intersection of freedom of expression, transparency, accountability and open data, with funds from the Swedish Cooperation. He has worked closely with civil society organizations, academia and Latin American activists, who fight for transparency through social impact.

She has participated as a co-host in the regional open data and open government conferences.


Actualmente este equipo provee las funciones básicas de ILDA en aspectos de coordinación, investigación y apoyo.

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