In recent years, new techniques have appeared that promise new challenges regarding the impacts on social and political aspects in the world. Latin America is no exception. In ILDA it is considered necessary to promote discussions regarding the development, use and ethical adoption of technologies that allow governments to modernize, but also understand the risks of hasty adoptions. In this period we will foster regional discussions to understand the state of adoption in government, civil society and companies.
ILDA considers it strategic to assist different decision makers with evidence about these advances to help determine their public value. Likewise, we will assist in the development of evidence that favors the inclusion of individuals and a regional private sector that can develop adequate capacities to proceed ethically in the application of these technologies.
Emerging technologies depend heavily on the data available, as well as the ways in which it is shared. On the one hand, ensuring that data continues to be open, particularly public data, seems essential for the development of this type of initiative. On the other hand, the need to share data between different actors will require mechanisms and infrastructure to do so safely and with clear governance.
From ILDA we contribute to the discussions taking place effectively, particularly in governance aspects that ensure equitable development in our region.

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