The relevance of supporting communities, of having considerations that go beyond the publication of data and the quality of the same, to promote discussions on social, political and economic issues in which data plays a relevant role.

ILDA has developed a process to support this agenda at the regional level. In particular, ILDA has acted as the hub of the OD4D network in Latin America in terms of research, assisted in the development of Abrelatam – ConDatos and collaborated with several regional networks such as the Gealc Network and the RICG. Multiple partners turn to ILDA as a link to grow the agenda.

ILDA will seek to consolidate its role and formalize it in the Abrelatam – ConDatos forums, acting as a reference for the OD4D network in the region, bringing together researchers, governments and civil society in transcendental discussions, as well as strengthening the expansion of the community and the inclusion of new voices and sectors. In particular, we will seek to bring greater diversity to these events, increase interaction between government and society, and provide assistance to participating countries.

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