In February 2017, inspired by the work of the Guatemalan Daniel Villatoro, a team of journalists and artists from El Salvador began an exploration process to translate data reports into art. The result of this experiment were four diverse pieces that touched sensitive fibers of the Salvadoran reality that were presented at the Luis Poma Theater in San Salvador as part of the programming of the Central American Journalism Forum of the digital newspaper El Faro.

New projects were added to this first experience from different parts of the Americas, such as Brazil and Honduras. The exhibition began to travel by the hand of Abrelatam Condatos through Costa Rica and Argentina, showing that when data and art come together, the impact of the stories they reflect is undoubtedly greater. I

n the 2019 edition of Abrelatam Condatos in Quito (Ecuador), “Indicios de data” was inaugurated, an exhibition that, along the same lines, presented new works that broadened the reflection on other possible ways of relating to information and data to through art.

Little by little, the movement of data and art is getting stronger. This first Prize seeks to consolidate itself as a commitment to bring information to new audiences and to disseminate important content for citizens in a sensitive and aesthetic way.