A large number of countries around the world have a regulatory framework through which people can request information that is in the possession of the State, as well as that which must be proactively disclosed. This right is often known as the right of “access to public information” (AIP  for its acronym in Spanish).

The right to AIP allows the opening of information and the flow of data for the public good through the exercise of other fundamental rights.

Given the importance of the public being able to know the data on the exercise of the right of AIP at a global level, and of complementing the information provided by countries with an independent evaluation, the first edition of the Global Data Barometer (GDB) developed two indicators to examine the transparency around the implementation of the AIP law of a country and the performance of reporting entities and guarantor bodies, which was also complemented with the results of the RTI Rating as a secondary indicator.

In this report, made by Silvana Fumega, Director of the Global Data Barometer, you will be able to learn about the results of the GDB on access to information in Latin America, as well as a series of recommendations for the collection and presentation of these indicators.