Abrelatam and ConDatos began in 2013 in Montevideo, Uruguay, and have held an annual conference and “unconference” since then. 

Abrelatam is an unconference in which people from diverse sectors, such as civil society, academia, private enterprises, government, and citizens all participate in discussions on issues related to open data and open government, linked to areas such as human rights, public services, transparency, citizen participation, new technologies, and many others. In an unconference, the traditional dynamic in which participants simply listen is reversed, making everyone both listen and share ideas at the same time. In multiple simultaneous sessions, with a limited number of people, a dialogue is fostered according to the topics included in the joint agenda.

Condatos is the main annual conference in Latin America and the Caribbean that brings together various actors from different sectors, such as the public sector, academia, private enterprises, civil society and citizens, to participate in conferences, discussion panels and working sessions on issues related to the open data ecosystem and open government.