Videos: Future scenarios for data use, individual

In the future, people can determine how their data will be used.
There will be agile markets that allow for the commercialization of data and there will be distinctive economic, social or cultural benefits for doing so.

In this future, the focus is on the individual, although there is a possibility that groups of people can coordinate collectively to negotiate over the use of their data.

Videos: Future scenarios for data use, civil society

In the future, civil society organizations, local governments and some states are able to generate an autonomous space to use their data to pursue community goals.

Governance is decentralized, allowing specific groups (ie. indigenous groups, communities) to govern the use of their data and have control over the technology that they use.

Videos: Future scenarios for data use, international corporations

In the future, a group of dominant corporations, based primarily in the Global North, have control over people’s data.

States depend on the corporations to fulfill their functions, and corporations have taken over decision-making organs in an integrated and globalized world. The use of data and algorithms is widespread in society, where it is linked to the sale of goods and services of all kinds.

Videos: Future scenarios for data use, state

In the future, the State is present and is able to dominate the data revolution.

The State develops abilities to access, regulate, control and use data in a society.


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