We have developed several materials regarding the development of the standard of data standard of femicides in Latin America. Here you could find some of them

Guide to protocolize feminicide identification processes

The purpose of this document is to guide to the best practice to record femicide. While various reference sources have been taken into account to develop this guide, adaptation and compilation is the sole responsibility of ILDA. As all these materials present a regional approach, this guide go beyond the legislation of a specific country or administrative unit, so references to any of them are not included.

Mapping of data to standardize

This mapping of the entities and categories included in the registry of femicides was mainly developed by our colleague Gabriela Rodríguez (a technology specialist involved in gender equity issues). This first document had the feedback of an enlarged community of experts.

Here is a beta version of the work done in terms of the definition of variables to be recorded and a contribution on the encodings that should accompany them.

Variables to register

These variables arose from a participatory process that began in 2017 and that includes numerous specialists in gender and civic technology. It is not a finished process but in constant evolution.

Entity Code Title Definition
Accused ID ID Only identifier of this record in the system
Accused name Name Complete name of the person
Accused gender Gender Identity Gender identity of the person according to the code list
Accused Sexual orientation Sexual Orientation Sexual orientation of the person according to the code list
Accused age Age Age at the time of the event
Accused placeBirth Place of Birth Place of Birth.
Accused nationality Nationality Nationality
Accused education Level of Education Level of education according to the code list.
Accused occupation Occupation Occupation
Accused Address Address Address of the aggressor
Accused placeResidency Place of Residency Place of residency
Accused MigratoryCondition Migratory condition Migratory Condition
Accused ethnicity Ethnicity Ethnicity
Accused LegalSituation Legal Situation Legal Situation: processed, condemned, under investigation, according to the code list.
Accused Conjugal situation Conjugal situation Conjugal situation of the aggressor without having to be related to the victim
Accused WeaponcarrierPermit Weapon Carrier Permit Weapon Carrier Permit.
Accused Affiliation SecurityForce Affiliation to the security force Affiliation to the security force
Accused Previous record Previous Record Previous record of violence or other crimes
Accused suicide Suicide Suicide, or attempt of suicide.
Accused generator Data generator Information to identify the data generator
Victim ID ID Only identifier of this record in the system.
Victim name Name Complete Name of the person
Victim gender Gender Identity Gender identity of the person according to the code list
Victim Sexual Orientation Sexual Orientation Sexual Orientation according to the code list
Victim age age Age at the moment of the event
Victim placeBirth Place of Birth Place of birth.
Victim nationality Nationality Nationality
Victim education Level of education Level of education according to the code list
Victim occupation Occupation Occupation
Victim address Address Victim’s Address.
Victim PlaceResidency Place of Residency Place of Residency.
Victim disability Disability Disability (if it applies) of the victim
Victim MigratoryCondition Migratory Condition Migratory Condition
Victim ethnicity Ethnicity Ethnicity
Victim ProtectionMeasures Protection Measures Protection and prevention measures.
Victim PreviousComplaint Previous complaints Previous complaints of the victim.
Victim children Having CHildren Value Yes/No to having children.
Victim generator Data generator organism information to identify the data generator
Event place Place Place of the event.
Event VictimType VictimType Victim relation to the event according to the code list
Event RelationType Relation type Relation or family ties between victim and aggressor.
Event modality Modality Existence of weapons or other objects.
Event SexualAgression Sexual Aggression If there was sexual aggression or not.
Event date Date Time and date of the event.
Event previous Complaints Previous Complaints If the aggressor has previous complaints from the victim
Event LegalProcess Legal Process If the process is active or not
Event generator Data generator organism Information to identify the data generator
Place description Description Description
Place type Place Type Place type according to the code list.
Place address Address Address
Place city City City
Place country Country Country
Place zipCode Zip Code Zip Code
Organism name Organism Organism name where the data is generated
Organism OrganismType Organism Type Organism type according to the code list
Organism role Role of the person in charge of the data generation Role of the person capturing data
Organism contact Contact Organization Contact.
Legal Process situation Legal Process Investigation process
Legal Process Complainant Complainant National Identification Document
Legal Process OpeningDate Opening Date Opening Date
Legal Process peopleInvolved Number of people involved Number of People involved
Legal Process aggravation Aggravation Aggravation
Legal Process parties Intervening Parties Intervening Parties
Legal Process CrimeType Crime Type Crime Type
Relation with victim type Relation Type Type of relationship between victim and aggressor
Relation with the victim details Details General observations about the relationship with the victim

Coding of the observations
Some of the variables included in the previous table already have an accepted coding. Some of them are included below as an example.

Gender Identity
Code Title Description
1 Cis Man Man identified with his gender at birth.
2 Cis Woman Woman identified with her gender at birth
3 Non Binary Person that does not identify as woman or man
4 Other Other gender identity.
5 Unknown Unknown Gender.
6 Trans woman Woman that does not identify herself with her gender at birth.
7 Trans man Man that does not identify with his gender at birth
Code Title Description
1 Beating Murdered by beating.
2 Shot to death Shot to death.
3 Stabbing Murdered by stabbing.
4 Burnt Murdered burnt.
5 Choking Murderded choked.
6 Drowning Murdered by drowning.
7 Drilled Murdered by drilling.
8 Ran over Murdered ran over.
9 Suffocated Murdered suffocated.
10 Other measures Murdered by other measures.
11 Unknown The modality is unknown.
Level of Education
Code Title Description
1 Early Childhood Education in early childhood.
2 Preschool Below Elementary school.
3 Elementary School Elementary school.
4 Secondary school Secondary School.
5  Higher Secondary  Higher Secondary Education
6 Further education Further education / Vocational education
7 Tertiary Tertiary/ Higher Education
8 Degree University degree or equivalent.
9 Masters Masters level or equivalent.
10 Phd Phd Level.
11 Unknown Unknown Education Level.
Sexual Orientation
Code Title Description
1 Lesbian Identified as lesbian.
2 Gay Identified as gay.
3 Heterosexual Identified as heterosexual.
4 Bisexual Identified as bisexual.
5 Asexual Identified as asexual.
6 Other Other sexual orientation.
7 Unknown Unknown Sexual Orientation.
Legal Situation
Code Title Description (according to the legislation of the country, city, or province)
1 Accused
2 Investigated
3 Processed
4 Charged
5 Condemned
6 Fugitive
7 Conditional freedom
8 Preventive Jail
9 Other
10 Unknown
Organism Type
Code Title Description
1 Police Police Organism including emergency agents.
2 Judicial National Judicial Organism.
3 Prosecutor Prosecutor.
4 Health Health Institution
5 Social Development Ministry Social Development Ministry
6 Provincial Justice Judicial Power at a Province level
7 Public Prosecution Ministry 
8 Justice Ministry Justice Ministry 
9 Medicine Legal Medicine
10 Women Ministry Woman Ministry
Place Type
Code Title Description
1 Address of the victim Place of Residency of the victim
2 Address of the aggressor Place of residency of the aggressor
3 Particular Address Place of Residency not exclusively of the victim or the aggressor
4 Open Space Street or public transportation.
5 Job Position Place where the daily activities are performed
6 Education Institution Schools or other educational institutions
7 Jail Jail.
8 Institution Institutional attention spaces such as hospitals.
9 Other
10 Unknown
Relationship Type
Code Title Description
1 Father Aggressor is father of the victim.
2 Mother Aggressor is mother of the victim.
3 Stepfather Aggressor is stepfather of the victim.
4 Stepmother Aggressor is stepmother of the victim.
5 Tutor Aggressor is tutor of the victim.
6 Husband/Wife Aggressor is husband or wife of the victim.
7 Concubine Aggressor is the concubine of the victim.
8 Boyfriend/Girlfriend Aggressor is boyfriend or girlfriend of the victim.
9 Lover Aggressor is lover of the victim.
10 Previous Couple Previous couple of the victim.
11 Family Aggressor is family of the victim.
12 Job Aggressor is an employee or colleague of the victim.
13 Known person Aggressor is a known person of the victim.
14 Friend The aggressor is friend of the victim.
15 Other transgressor Other transgressor known by the victim.
16 Authority Official Authorities
17 Unknown Person The agressor is an unknown person for the victim.
18 Unknown Unknown relationship.
Victim Type
Code Title Description
1 Main Main victim of the femicide.
2 Linked Linked victim of the femicide.

Dissemination of the process

So far our work in this field has been reflected in the following articles:

Fumega, S., Scrollini, F. and Rodríguez, G. (2018). New reports for the publication of justice and gender violence data. In S. Elena, Open Justice: contributions to an agenda under construction (pp. 283-293). Buenos Aires: Saij editions. (IN SPANISH)

Fumega, S. (February 2019). Open data, gender and violence in Latin America. European public mosaic, 7, 36-47. (IN ENGLISH)