Javiera Atenas and Chiara Ciociola

There is a general consensus that open data is becoming a very valuable resource for research and scientific communities as it supports and encourages transparent research practices. We therefore consider the use of open data as a model of good and open research practice in the academic world.

This project suggests strategies to train university teachers in the use of open data. Open data, used in conjunction with open access publications and with open educational resources, can facilitate access to education and improve student education by supporting the learning of various research methods to solve problems related to their own disciplines and areas of knowledge and real problems from different perspectives at a quantitative and qualitative level.

In our view, the educational value of open data is that these should be considered key components in the development of research skills. Their use in scenarios and research activities can support the development of information, research and competence skills as well as the development of critical, analytical, collaborative, and citizenship skills. In addition, the use of open data as open educational resources can streamline the dynamics and mechanisms for collaboration, discussion and bridge the gap between the university and communities, developing joint activities for the development of global citizens.

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