DATA Uruguay and the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) of Uruguay launch (At your service) an app that democratizes access to information about the Uruguayan national health system.

The app allows users to compare among different providers in areas such as waiting times, performance targets and cost of medicine. The launch comes in a critical moment as February is the only window Uruguayans have to exercise their right to switch providers. The project is part of a broader alliance between DATA and the Ministry of Health and is supported by the Latin American Open Data Initiative

Open Data and Free Software

The application was developed based on a previous experience “Transfer Window” developed by DATA with the online portal last year. In that experience DATA managed to gather and use all the information available in proprietary and non re-usable formats in the Ministry of Health ‘s website.

In this opportunity DATA set up an agreement with the Ministry

in the context of the Uruguayan Open Government dialogue tables, to release and include more data in open formats and re-usable formats. Data-sets are now available in the national open data catalog. DATA and the Ministry are documenting this process to contribute towards an open standard for health service providers data.

The app and all the data are now available in a public repository to be forked or examined.

ILDA Mini-grants

ILDA minigrants are designed to support experimental initiatives that shows the value of open data and promote solutions with the potential to scale. This mini-igrant was supported by the Civic Innovation Accelerator Fund from Avina Americas.

The Open Data Latin American Initiative seeks to promote research, use and appropriation of open data use in Latin America. ILDA is composed of three executing agencies carrying forward this mission: la Fundación Avina, (Avina Foundaiton) la Organización de los Estados Americanos (Organization of American States) y la Comisión Económica para América Latina y el Caribe (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean)

ILDA has an advisory board composed of government and civil society organisations:Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente, Social TIC, DATA Uruguay, la Red para el Gobierno Electrónico de América Latina y e Caribe (Red Gealc), W3C Brasil y la Fundación para la Web. ILDA is supported by the International Development Research Centre and Avina Foundation .